...where Software People Lead to Excel

We at SPL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC strive toward one vision . . . be a place where Software People lead to excel and be a place where IT managers call for their people-centered IT solutions.


Whether a client needs to recruit top talent, manage contractors, or implement an IT project under a tight schedule, we will be there. And we will meet the client's expectations.

We strive to attain our vision by:


      Providing national and global enterprises with best in business IT staffing and specialized project services and vendor management programs by providing a place to constantly work to foster and maintain an environment of trust where people demonstrate their best qualities and are enriched by the career experience.


      Recruiting only the very best people, encouraging their professional growth and development, and challenging them with assignments at leading employers and our commitment to providing competitive compensation, stimulating personal and professional growth, and rewarding outstanding performance.


      Balancing fiscal responsibility with aggressive growth attained through information technology and its ability to advance the goals of the business world, further enhance quality of life, improve communication, and fully explore our potential as human beings We focus our efforts on key values that will further our success and relentlessly pursue new ways to bring unparalleled value to our clients.


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